If my memory serves me correctly (doubtful), the very first night Dr. P and I "hung out" he suggested we go canoeing together.  Little did he know that when I was 9 I was voted "most likely to canoe around the world," at summer camp. So, I was psyched. obvi.   I came down to DC from Baltimore the next Saturday ready for the sun and the surf, but alas, canoodling beat out canoeing that weekend, and every weekend since until...   

 This Memorial day, after almost three years, Dr. P--always a man of his word--followed through and took me to the river.  Dropped me in the water (with canoe below of course). And I know exactly why I love as I do!

Playing it cool, like I do.
Victoire! Victoire! Victoire!

The only way he could get me to stop singing river themed songs was to take my picture...
My river-themed medley:
After all that rowing, and singing, and promise fulfilling I thought we deserved a reward.

Hooray for fro-yo, rivers, river songs, wonderful boyfriends, and looooooooooong weekends!