It would look like this.

This picture is c/o the Julia Giada Project

It might look insignificant to you, but friends, there is a reason why Tuscany is such a joyous place.  Now I am not saying it is ONLY because Pipe Rigate is one of the most popular kinds of pasta, but it can't hurt.

We say we love pasta.  I love pasta.  But pasta is a portal for sauce.  And my dear friends and readers, a more perfect portal has never been created than my beloved Pipe Rigate.  It's like a jumbo macaroni that is pinched on one end.  It means that your sauce doesn't have to be pastey to stick to the noodles.  Each noodle is like an edible spoon filled -- like ravioli without the labor, hassle or extra dough.  For three years, I have been searching for my beloved pasta in vain.

Until this week.

The Future Mr. Two and I were at Whole Paycheck Foods picking up some basil (which, by the way, came with six leaves of the stuff for a buck fifty,  SUCH a ripoff...) and for kicks, we walked down the pasta isle.  There, on sale for a buck 99 or 1.50 -- I forget, I saw them:  Their golden curls, puckered on one end, waiting for me to take them home.  We bought 4 boxes.  I am going to get more today.  I am so happy.  I hope they are here to stay.  And in the mean time, ASK your grocer to stock them.  They will be your favorite.  They will be your children's favorite.  It will be like having a little bit of Tuscany right in your cupboard. And who wouldn't want that? 

Look for a scrumdidlyumptious recipe soon!