Maybe it's because we found out that we are part Druz, but I love druzy and I think every girl should own it.  It comes in a rainbow of colors.  It's easy to mine and environmentally sustainable.  It sparkles like a million and one perfectly cut diamonds.  No two are ever the same. You can get in for as little as 10 or 15 dollars at a street fair.  It is just perhaps the perfect stone.

Though not the cheapest options, here are a few I think are exceptionally pretty.

Yellow druzy.  I love this.
Gold Druzy. I also love this.

By Hazel and Harlow, I love how organic this one looks.

By Marry Me, these crystals make me melt!

A black druzy set in silver

This Mexican druzy is 7 dollars and SO pretty!

Until I get a druzy ring, I am pretty happy with the one The Future Mr. Two gave me!