I am continually disheartened by the lack of fabric in clothing (meaning it's too short, too low, too whatever or just ugly).  Hence, I'm always on the prowl for attractive, stylish, appropriate clothes.

Here are some thing I would like to wear...

Clean lines and modern Dianne Von Furstenberg

So adorable. Yves Saint Laurent

I want to find something like this in a thrift store.  St. John
Not in my price range (at all) but I LOVE these pants by Jason Wu
More in my price range, walking shorts by Anne Taylor.

Cape by Stella McCartney, Shirt by Vanessa Bruno, Belt by Mango, Skirt by Alice by Temperly, Rain boots by Hunter

So when in doubt, get the option that bares less and you'll be a lot less embarrassed when you look at your facebook pictures in a year or three.    

You can see some of my favorite things here.

My favorite "stores" are my mom's and grandma's give aways.  It's vintage.  It (usually) fits and it's free. In one word, awesome.