Okay, friends.  I promise I'll lay off the vacation shots soon.  But not quite yet....

One afternoon, we piled the kids into our rental car and took off in the general direction of Zagreb.  This is where we ended up:  
Rovinj, Croatia

We bummed around the Istrian coast for a couple days, soaking up Adriatic sunshine. 
wild hair

wild asparagus

wild child

the harbor

how come European laundry is so photogenic?

Piran, Slovenia

   We popped over to Italy for lunch, and then took off for the Julian Alps.
...2 hours later

Bled Castle (where I would want to live if I were a princess)

I could really get used to the view
on the lake

Then it was on to Salzburg...

looking at the fresco

Where we stayed in the real-live-actual Villa von Trapp!

we slept in Maria's room!!

the entire estate was populated by adorable little bunnies, and all the other guests wanted to burst into song at breakfast... heaven!!

the hills are alive! 
(p.s. see the random castle? we lost count of those around 30)

 We made our way "home" via Vienna and small roads along the Danube, through an area jam-packed with castles, abbeys and charm.  So, so delightful.  It's a good thing we had puppies waiting at home, or we never would have come back! 
More about Vienna and the puppies later...

 P.S. Koszonom szepen for all the votes!!  Just a few more days and we'll stop nagging you  ;-)


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