Though I am sure Ms. Middleton is a perfectly lovely lady, I'm not talking about her.  I'm talking about the ring!  I mean, enough with diamonds already.  Since when did they get a monopoly on our ring fingers?  There are SO many other options to choose from.

Just take a look at some of these...

Probably the most expensive of the batch, but even Kate would have flipped for this Sapphire Cabochon ring.

How many languages can I say "yes please?" in to this vintage Aquamarine? 

The imperfections in this blue tourmaline make it MORE beautiful! From

A gorgeous light green Beryl by David Wein

Who needs a yellow diamond when they can have a locally mined Yellow Quartz

I usually think Garnets look evil, but this is just so refined

This amethyst cabachon ring is just so understated and elegant.

Who's not going to feel like a princess in this Pink Tourmaline -- even if you don't like pink!

Umm,.. Sign me up for this opal by Pamela Froman.  Gorgeous.

I love this rough cut Citrine in gold from the Rain Collection

Yman got me a ring just like this one made from a snail shell when we visited his aunt last summer but for about 60x less!

You want diamonds?  I do too -- if they look like this.  These rose cut ones are absolutely
 exquisite, from COOMI's  Luminosity Collection

Don't get me wrong.  Diamonds are beautiful, but I think we can branch out and be equal opportunity consumers of what we like best, not what society tells us should be on our ring finger.  And often times, you can do that for MUCH less than a diamond costs... sometimes, not so much. And if the day comes when I do need something on my ring finger, I will say, "Thank you Price William.  Thank you."

Which ring is your favorite and what's your favorite stone?

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