I have the blessing and curse that many things in my life remind me of how trivial most of my concerns are.  But sometimes when life or death issues are regularly at play, I wish that the kindness in the Universe would sort out the stuff that isn't quite so important.

But that wouldn't be fair now, would it?

When my wonderful family left to take Brother S off to his mission, I was left with a box, containing wonderful Easter Treats.  Since I needed to send a box to my God Daughter, the beautiful little girl of Mrs. F, I was happy to.  I went out, bought Brother S all sorts of other special things and goodies.  I got to the post office early (always a miracle) placed the dainty, spring dress in one package with eggs and candy and chocolate to spare and the box filled with baked goods and cookies and boy stuff galore in another.  I sealed the boxes, affixed the labels, and went home feeling like a good sister, a good friend and just good.

So today, I get a call from my little sister -- I'm not telling which one. On Easter morn, Brother S opened a large package containing Easter candy, window markers, special crayons, a dainty Easter dress and a note from the Easter Bunny while my five year old God Daughter got a box filled with electronics and grown up baked goods.   
Why, why why?  On the bright side, the big stuff is pretty fine right now...

So the moral of this story is... big issues don't make the little ones go away.

Today I will send them both new boxes.  It won't make up for Easter, but oh well...

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