I am so refreshed and energized after spending five glorious weeks abroad.  I feel a little evangelical.  I want everyone to experience a paprika-fueled Spring recharge.  And much as I'd love to send each of my dear friends and loyal readers (not to mention my sisters!) airline tickets to my favorite central European metropolis, it's just not in the budget right now.  Sorry, folks. 

But I haven't forgotten you!  One lucky reader will receive a package of my...

Top Five Hungarian Souvenirs
1. Eros Pista -- This is the best spicy stuff ever.  Seriously.

2. Madartej Chocolate -- I wish I could just send you Madartej.  But this is the next best thing.

3. Rubik's Cube -- A great Hungarian invention.  And much more fun than a ball point pen (which is also Hungarian...)

4. Kezi Munka -- This particular specimen is part of an impressive cache given to my husband by an adorable Neni we met at the park. Old women love my husband.  So much they give him giant bags of handmade lace and embroidery.
5.  Paprika -- Trite but true, Hungarian paprika is the best in the world.  I'll send you some of the sweet stuff.  And a decorative spoon.

EDIT: My husband (the lawyer) advised me that this was totally unclear, so I've clarified the rules a bit  :-)
TWO ways to Enter!
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c) Done! 
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