Let's face it, dressing for the holidays can be a real joy or a complete nightmare.

Why I love it:
1) I have an excuse to crack out all of my sequin encrusted, Santa adorned, jingle-bell-tastic threads.
2) Mixing red and green is fun.
3) When else can I consistently wear metallic everything and pretend not to look completely ridiculous?
4) There are few things comfier than a chunky knit sweater.
5) Colorful gloves and jingle bells make some of the best accessories.

Why I hate it:
1) Going to parties with people you haven't seen for a year can be is stressful!
2) Trying to be festive all the time can be exhausting.
3) Opting not to be festive all the time is kind of lame.
4) Holiday sweaters are--most often--not super flattering.
5) It can be hard to look cute while staying toasty.

Earlier today I found this article about a normal guy's day in a pair of jeggings. Yes, jeggings--like leggings, but with some. . . um. . . denim flair. It was nothing short of horrifying. Reading this sad account compelled me to compile a list of some *hopefully* fail-proof holiday looks--that don't involve leggings as pants.

1. Any gold/khaki/cream pencil skirt, light blue/white/grey/green/pink oxford, nude or light patterned tights, metallic accessories.
2. Any gold/khaki A-line skirt, white oxford, green/navy/brown/black blazer, obi (or other thick) belt, nude or light patterned tights, coordinating heels.
3. Any pencil skirt, metallic top (same hue as skirt), tights, bright shoes.
4. Red skirt, black top, sparkle-rific tights, complementary pumps.
5. Festive black dress (or black top and skirt), festive tights, matching shoes.

TA DA! You look tre fabooo!