On Friday, Momo, Five, Brother S, Brother Z and I are heading to Haiti on a little humanitarian trip. We'll be visiting orphanages, scoping out sites for safe houses, dropping off a generator and delivering some essentials (candy, yo yo's, coloring books). We're all uber excited about the adventure, but packing has been quite a trial....for all of us...but mostly me. We'll spend a week in the Haitian heat and then fly straight to bone chilling DC. Because of the bunch of bags--filled with toys and the like--that will have to be checked, Momo has challenged each of us to try to pack all personal items in our carry-on luggage. Now, I've always viewed myself as something of a packing aficionado, but this takes things to a whole new level. Obviously, this will require an extra dose of creativity.
There has been talk of serious layering (we're talking seven shirts + a wool coat), bringing just one shirt and a pair of pants (I've asked Z to explore alternative options...He's a fourteen year old boy and I don't think anyone is tolerant enough to live with him in a tropical climate for a day--let alone a week--without a change of clothes), and mutiny.

We'll see how many shirts Z ends up wearing, but for now, I need to figure out if I can meet the challenge.

(my) Top 5 things to consider when packing for disparate climates        
1. Haiti is HOT! (90+ degrees)
2. DC is cold 
3. We have to attend three formal events 
4. I really like boots
5. A carry-on can only fit so much 
Well, wish me luck...Actually, wish my suitcase luck. I'm not sure it will survive this.

P.S. Recently this story has brought me a lot of solace. In anticipation of the upcoming holidays (and inevitable packing woes) you may want to check it out.