I am a firm believer in an individual's right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. So it was with these God given privileges in mind that Dr. P and I escaped the city with our friend Sweet C. Together we make up a team of LLPoH specialists with Dr. P as our Life expert, Sweet C. heading up the Pursuit of Happiness team, and me, well heck. There's nothing I love more than Liberty (it's practically my middle name ;)

So here are my top 5 LLPoH moments of the weekend

5) the right to make stupid faces in pictures

4) The right to eat cinnamon rolls for breakfast, ridiculous hot cocoa for lunch, and s'mores for dinner

3) The right say no to this (kinda creepy) store's tobacco, while saying YES to their awesome decor!

2)The right to build fires the hard way

1) the right to admit defeat and take the easy road instead

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