I am flitting around the Western US doing what I like to do best -- sing. As you see, the first time (and only time I was scheduled) to perform at TEDMED, I was wearing blue jeans. The thing is, I wasn't going to wear blue jeans. I was going to wear a very nice dress. I came to rehearsal, went through the aria and encore and R. The big man on campus, comes up to me with tears streaming down his face.
"Don't change a thing."

I assured him I wouldn't. The program was set, my talk was memorized, I had it all in place.
"No! I mean your clothes!"

Though I bought a dress (and a pretty dress) just for the occasion, I didn't change and I performed in a dirty white oxford shirt. But I did put on a pair of red heels.

During sing/talk 1 on Tuesday During Talk/Sing 2 on Thursday

for some reason, I get a kick of Sunny Two being next to a man who calls himself the prince of darkness. Truth be told, he and his delightful wife are very gracious and I like them both quite a lot.

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