What a dreamy week. Mr. One took a little staycation, and the babies, doglets and I enjoyed every delicious minute of his weekday companionship. We had seven days jam-packed with enchantments, including, but certainly not limited to:
The Zoo!
Frolicking in leaves, (both with and without doggies)!

The Temple!
Girl's night out! Even if it was technically just a meeting at church, I was with girlfriends and baby-free so I'm totally counting it.
A visit to our storage unit! (oh, the thrill!)
A rally!
(w/o daddy! On this particular occasion, his company would not have helped *anyone's* sanity!)
Lots of visitors: aunties! uncles! dear old friends!
Festive Sunday dinner with many favorite people!
Intense negotiations with contractors!*
Trick or treating with the cutest little bull and bear this side of Wall Street!
*Not actually a highlight.

We were richly spoiled by Mr. One's abundant company, and found ourselves woefully unprepared when he left this morning for his first day of work all dapper and impressive in his impeccably tailored D.I. suit. His new job is kind of a big deal. But then, so is he.

I can't wait to welcome home our triumphant warrior. To the bunk bed room.


My favorite pictures from the week are from our visit to a pumpkin festival, where I relived all sorts of wonderful childhood memories. Goats were fed, cows were milked, chickens were harassed. So magical.

She especially loved the goats

Did I mention she really loved the goats?