Mr. One can be very convincing. Especially in regard to the acquisition of fauna. I'm not really a pet person, and yet somehow our animal family is constantly expanding. Until last week, the count was about 60,002: a couple of yappy Doglets, and two hives of Italian honey bees. And now, Wilbert and Bach.

Seized with a fit of temporary insanity*, I, once again, succumbed to the collective adorableness of my husband and daughter (see prime example below). The result? This majestic pair of 30 cent goldfish. Who Princess H named all by herself. To whom she has become quite attached.

*You will find these to be a recurring theme in my life.

So attached, in fact, that Mr. One is scheming about how to take them home with us. His (very sincere!) suggestions include:

a) Checking them in our luggage
b) Putting them in a sippy cup
c) Hiding them in a ziplock baggie, worn on a string around his neck

We fly out tomorrow. Wish me luck.

If I find them irresistible, maybe the TSA folks will, too...?