“People felt themselves watching [her] even before they knew that there was anything different about [her]. [Her] eyes made a person think that [s]he heard things that no one else had ever heard, that [s]he knew things no one had ever guessed before. [S]he did not seem quite human.” 


Carson McCullersThe Heart is a Lonely Hunter

My mom had a lot of babies. I was number four. But by five, she was still at a loss. Not a single one of her offspring had blue eyes. When Liberty was born, we looked a lot alike. This continued as she matured into full-fledged babyhood. The only way you could tell our baby pictures apart is that hers are cuter. She had this coquettish smile, significantly more beautiful ringlets and to my mother's delight, big, beautiful, blue eyes.

As Liberty has grown up, she's maintained her slightly different and magical perspective, seeing through the pretense of most things and creating a space which is both welcoming and very much her own.

On her birthday, we wish her joy, wonder, success, love, BABIES (not announcing anything, just trying to inappropriately prod, as Liberty will confirm, I always do) and a universe that continues to reveal magic to your gorgeous, blue eyes. 

We love you Libby!!

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