Before anything... Go and get American Grace at It drops tomorrow and it's gonna be epic.

Now, a recipe request from Paige:

Kimber's Stuffed Figs*

A dozen figs

aged English cheddar with truffles (not too spendy from Trader Joe's!)

honey from Dave's hive on the roof (I suppose honey from a jar would work in a *pinch*)


balsamic vinegar reduction


flower pepper to garnish

1. Slice figs in half, longways. If you're feeling ambitious, grill them, seeded side down on a hot, lightly greased pan with a sprinkling of sugar for about 30 seconds.

2. Place about a teaspoon of cheese on each fig -- 12 with truffled cheddar and 12 chèvre. 

3. Drizzle balsamic reduction* on figs with chèvre and top with strips of prosciutto.

4. Garnish cheddar figs with local honey. 

5. Grind flower pepper over the whole yummy lot of them.

6. Eat one or two before your guests arrive, so they don't feel bad taking the first gorgeous morsel, which actually might taste even better than it looks.

7. Impress everyone.

*reduction: a cup of balsamic vinegar with a half cup of sugar on medium heat until it reduces in volume by 50%