my father's campaign sign, and one of the flags that flew over the capitol during my grandfather's memorial service. 

This June marks a number of anniversaries for our little family: two-years married, one-year in Denver, and six-months in our cute li'l bungalow. Everything is settling. The sensors in my brain that used to tingle at the freshness of my surroundings have quieted. The new state of consciousness that has taken over is, perhaps, a duller awareness, but it is certainly no less delicious. 

It is one of belonging. I am surrounded by people and things I chose, and continue to choose. I am responsible for them, they are mine. Every morning I wake up knowing where I will be, with the same sweet arm around my waist, and the sun cutting through the same thin curtain. On Saturdays there is chai. On Sunday, a bike ride through the park. My life is a tread, rolling through the seasons, held steady by love and place. It is a joyous routine.

my beloved art: (from top left) a gift from a dear friend, my great-grandfather's favorite painting, a gem from the streets of baltimore, and a gift from my grandfather.

my great grandmother's dining set.

i love this silk screen by alaskan artist rie munoz. it's such a joyous depiction of an industrious, strong mother and her child (the red, white and blue color scheme doesn't hurt either).

i love every. single. room. in my house. that said, i may have an extra dose of tenderness for my office. 

premal's aunt is a talented ceramics artist, the little blue and white vessel is one of her pieces. i adore the little bowl, and the ridiculously delicious mango-pickle it holds! 

my to-do list.

this is my go-to spot for food photography and mindless snacking. it's also where my neighbor tegan and i terrify/creep on each other. thank goodness for chill neighbors!  

we've stuffed our guest room with textiles from india. the bed is about as old as our house (130-years or so)! 

it seems i've jumped aboard the recent macrame revival. what can i say? i was giddy at the prospect of putting my old friendship bracelet-making skills to use. 

the couch in our reading nook was part of the set for the sound of music. momo bought it years ago, and sometimes I begin to doubt the story, but then i'll look up this photo and remind myself that my mama knows what she's sayin.  

little trinkets tied to perfect memories.