No, I'm not dissing on one on my relatives, though that would be interesting.

I'm talking about sticky mango rice. The easy, sexy cousin of rice pudding. If you're worried it tastes weird, that's silly. It's delicious -- thick and creamy with a salty sweet yum thing going on. It's made with coconut milk, but it tastes entirely different from the sticky-sweet coconut concoctions we're used to in the US.

 A friend of mine convinced me it was "the easiest thing ever" telling me that she made it "all of the time." Since she wasn't Thai, I didn't believe her -- on either count -- until yesterday. I bought a box of about 20 champagne mangoes from one of my favorite stores pretty much ever. I was buying my favorite noodles when the sweet rice across the isle caught my eye. It was a fat, short grain rice and I wondered if this was the holy grail of rice -- if this was the rice used to make what is perhaps, my favorite dessert ever. I whipped out my smart phone and looked up recipes for Mango Sticky Rice and sure enough, this was it. In my euphoria, I decided I had to improve on this practically perfect dessert. I opted for the short grain brown rice over the white stuff. Most recipes called for 6 ingredients: Water, salt, coconut cream, rice, mangoes and sugar. So I loaded up on the coconut cream. The results were delectable. While coconut cream is a high fat food, I don't see why this is much different from having oatmeal for breakfast. It also makes a super impressive dessert.  I added some ginger to mine, just because I love ginger and opted for brown instead of white sugar to match my brown instead of white rice.

Choni's Gingered Mango Brown Sugar Sticky Rice

I used a few recipes for this recipe. You can find them here, here and here. If mine doesn't fit your liking, try augmenting it with recommendations from the other recipes! Some call for more or less liquid. It depends on how sticky versus how porridge-y you want it to be. The less liquid you use, the less long it will keep. I suggest reducing liquid for dessert and adding more if you plan to eat this treat for breakfast.

3 champagne mangoes

2 cups brown sweet rice

2 cans coconut milk

1 cup dark brown sugar

1 tsp salt

1 tbsp grated ginger*

Water (about 3 cups)

Place rice in pot and cover with water. Let sit in water. I let it go for 4 hours and that is the general consensus so I would do it. People say it's fine if you let it sit for and hour or even 30 minutes.

DO NOT DRAIN! Add a can of coconut cream and 1 and 1/2 teaspoons salt and turn heat to medium high until water and cream come to a boil. Cover and simmer for 20 to 30 minutes or until rice absorbs all liquid.

Meanwhile, on stove stop, mix 1/2 teaspoon salt, second can of coconut cream brown sugar. Boil together making a coconut syrup. Once rice has absorbed all liquid, add half of the syrup and mix. Slice mangoes (a good tutorial here). Serve sticky rice along side mango and topped with the syrup.