If I were forced to create a daily itinerary for an upcoming trip (regardless of the destination) it would likely look something like this:

Day 1. Arrive (did I tell soandso I was getting in? eh, just cab it to the city, I'll find her later.) Wander. (I was sure I took down her phone number before leaving... Shoot.) FIND INTERNET CAFE (Read most recent Modern Love column. Find the number--or more likely send a panicked email to said friend with an approximation of my location). Reunite with old friend. Nap. Eat.

Day 2. Find a cafe. Order a cappuccino and baguette. Read... Isn't there a good shopping street or something?

Day 3. (Repeat "Day 2" schedule)

Day 4. Ditto.


Day 6. Depart.

Suffice it to say, planning is not my forte. Premal on the other hand thrives on programs. Everyday of a trip with him is a meticulously mapped-out adventure. Days start early, agenda in hand, and end not too late. We took a little trip to California over the new year, and put more than 700 miles on our little rental car over 5 days! We did basically everything you'd expect someone to do in NoCal. We hiked in Muir Woods, drank wine in Napa, meandered up Route 1, ate a sundae as big as my head at Ghirardelli Square and saw tons of friends and family along the way. It's great, but it can also be exhausting, and I'll admit to longing for my old aimless way of vacationing every once in a while.

What about you? Are you a planner or do you tend to be a bit flighty?
My solution for our next vacation? I'm going to plan a day of casual meandering. BOOM. Marital oneness achieved!