A few quick thoughts:

1) I'm one of those awful people who typically just looks at the pictures on the blogs I "read."

2) I just ate an entire pineapple all by my lonesome. 

3) I am incredibly excited for what the new year has to bring. 

There's something magic about welcoming a fresh beginning surrounded by people you adore. We had a small silly party to ring in the new year, in our sweet little home. We ate peasant food, and played parlor games. No champagne was popped, and we almost missed the final countdown. It was not what one might call an "epic" night. But you know what it was? Perfect. 

Happy New Year everyone. 

May 2014 bring us all innumerable joys, adventures and triumphs.   

One final thought before I go. If you've recently hosted a party at your house, it's best to put away all of the bowls of peanut butter m&ms as soon as possible.