Color Me Orange (gnocchi) and Blue (cheese crumble) Gnocchi

1 large yam

1 cup cream cheese or ricotta

2 eggs

4 cups flour

2 tbsp salt

A pinch of nutmeg

Cream wet ingredients together, then knead in dry ingredients. Add floured until dough no longer feels wet to the touch. Separate into four balls and wrap in plastic wrap and refrigerate til ready to use. Roll dough into long pieces and cut or twist apart at 1 inch intervals for "footballs". Pan-fry with paprika or boil til pasta float to the top, reserving 1/4 cup water.



1/4 cup shelled pumpkin seeds

1/2 cup blue cheese

2 large pieces stale bread

Combine in food processor or blender. Plus til fine powder develops. Toss with pasta and pasta water or sprinkle on top of pan fried gnocchi before serving.