Here are a few ideas:

International Committee of the Red Cross. They help people all over the world. Maybe you want to direct your funds to relief in the Philippines. If you want something closer to home, the American Red Cross is doing a lot for folks who were victims on last month's tornadoes.

If you want a group that runs a tight ship, try Airline Ambassadors. It was started by my friend Nancy Rivard, a gorgeous, brilliant flight attendant who wanted to give back as she traveled around the world.  They transport goods and people through donated buddy passes to places in need. THey also are at the forefront of the movement to stop human trafficking. They collaborate with everyone from LDS Charities to CGI.

Which bring me to LDS Charities. Minimal overhead. They use volunteers in the area to distribute goods and are focused on helping people achieve self sufficiency by teach subsistence farming and literacy in Africa, Asia, South and Central America.

Catholic Relief Services is one of the oldest and most integrated relief agencies in the world. I know a number of people who have worked with them over the years and they're top flight folks. They are literally everywhere and they work with the least among us, day in and out.

There are SO many worthy organizations, I could literally go on all week about them. But if you're our of cash and want to do something good, sign up to be an organ donor. Donate Life will show you what you need to do. You don't give anything til you literally have nothing left to give and when your life is over, you can save up to nine lives, you can give sight and help many more with tissue donation. 

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