Have you ever seen The King and I?

When I was a child I thought Anna Leonowens' obsession with a home of her own was insane. What was her rush? She literally lived in a gold encrusted palace. No house she could get on her own was going to come close to as awesome as her accidental home. And yet, every time she got Yul Brynner alone she reminded him of his promise of a private brick residence (as opposed to the obvious pastime of staring dreamily at his chiseled jaw).

I've realized that Anna and I have a lot in common. I have a sweet thing going here. But I'm not going to let my domicile-fixation blind me to the loveliness around me. So, with that in mind, I'd like to invite you on a teeny tiny tour of my little house in the palace.

^^^ our living room. (though that window is being ripped out right this very moment and will soon be replaced by a beautiful set of glass French doors.) ^^^

^^^ the lamp + couch came from my great grandmother (Mimo's mom). she was the most elegant thing I've ever seen. I aspire to have half as much taste as she did in her baby finger. ^^^

^^^ my work station/entertainment center. the frame and blanket were snatched from the garbage--because I'm classy like that. ^^^

^^^ I'm kind of in love with these little chairs we found at a local furniture dealer. Greg, the owner has known Momo for a quarter century! he threw in the green and barrel chairs as "wedding presents" when we bought these babies. ^^^

^^^ love icons from one of my favorite artists, kimber, and the past. ^^^

^^^ doing dishes is somehow more pleasant at this sink. ^^^

^^^ funny story. i thought i pulverized my engagement ring in the garbage disposal the other day. later--after i found the ring in a pocket--i decided i needed a ring-holder by the sink. ^^^ 

^^^ the Klimt print was the last gift my grandfather ever gave me. also, Peter, the master carpenter who built this whole apartment, may very well be a wizard. ^^^