Here it is, people, The (belated) Halloween Money Shot(s):

Mary Poppins, Bert, and a wee waddling penguin
Aren't they too much? I die. Also, these go on file under easiest costumes ever. The whole communal ensemble was shopped from their closets. Willa's penguin hat was a very thoughtful gift from Momo, saving me from at least 10 minutes of hot glue gun frustration. Phinny's penguin hat was also a gift from Momo -- she brought it back from Japan a couple years ago, and it is officially my favorite souvenir ever.

On a related note, have you watched Mary Poppins lately? We've (obviously) been on a little kick. And I have to say re-watching it after 20 years totally blew my mind. I'd forgotten -- or more likely, never appreciated -- how beautiful and profound the story really is. When Mr. Banks finally breaks, and realizes what a treasure his children are, I just burst into tears. It reminds me what an unbelievable privilege it is to have this time with my sweet little people, and how incredibly fortunate we are that their daddy is first and foremost a lover of munchkins, magic, and monsters - and a super-serious, hard-nosed banker-lawyer-man mostly only during business hours (mostly). We're the luckiest. Go watch Mary Poppins. It will make you smile.