We got a note from the folks over at Paul Fredrick asking us for some low-stress/high-reward Halloween costume ideas. But they already had some pretty good ideas, which made us think their email was just a backhanded way of rubbing their dumb creativity in our faces. This naturally made us feel super jelly and, consequently, hyper competitive. And that's why we wrote this post. If any of you guys haven't already devoted hours of careful concept development, stringent dress rehearsing, and tender sequin application to your All Hallow's Eve getup this year, seriously reconsider your priorities. Also, enjoy these last minute ideas for some last minute Halloween costumes from your favorite procrastinators (and if you end up wearing any of them, send us pictures at fivetdsisters@gmail.com)!

Kimber: "Future Wes Anderson character." Look in closet for any and all monochromatic clothing. Add contrasting (or coordinating) head gear, simple yet intense eye makeup, and severe hair. Name your character (good options included: Nan, Flossie, Mrs. Greoter, Dimple), and tell people it's a character from Wes Anderson's new movie. Not this one. People will either a) think you're in the know, or b) think you are quite clever. 

Charity: I always have grand plans for Halloween, but they typically don't work out. My friend Sarah Ward is a master of costuming and I recommend you check out some of her ideas. But here are a few thoughts from yours truly.

A pumpkin head. Cut a pathetic hole in the bottom of a large pumpkin along with eye holes (optional). Clean out pumpkin. Place on your head. Dress in black or jeans and flannel.

A dog. Tube socks make perfect ears when attached to a headband. Put on white, grey or black sweats, attach another tube sock to your fanny for a tail. Give your nose some attention from your eyeliner and make the tip a little black triangle, put on some freckles and Voila. You're a dog.

Fall down a hill in SF, scrape up your knee and wrap it up in gauze and surgical tape. Wait. Don't to that. I did that. It's not a good costume

Liberty: (1) Dress up like a panda* (for me this means black pants and sweatshirt, the fuzzy white faux-fur vest Momo got me last year, two buns for ears and HEAVY eyeliner).
(2) Cover panda costume with a large black sack.
(3) Pin a sign to the sack reading "Due to the shutdown of the federal government the Smithsonian National Zoo's Panda Cam will be offline until further notice."
*actual panda costume optional.

Mercina: We couldn't get in touch with Mercina in time for her to contribute to this post, but we're pretty sure we know what she would have suggested.

Glorianna: A famous person running errands. Wear what you always wear, but say that you're dressed as [insert name-of-that-one-celebrity-you've-always-kind-of-thought-you-look-sort-of-like here] when they're at the the grocery store or renewing their driver's license. People won't be able to help but say "Oh! Wow! I definitely see where you're getting that from. You guys have the exact same [smile / build / eyes / eyebrows / nostrils / hat / number of fingers]." Abracadabra: you spend the night feeling Hollywood handsome (it's cool, girls can be handsome too) after putting no extra effort into your appearance. Double success.

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