I feel so bad for those lonely, pathetic, green tomatoes of October, shivering on the vine waiting for a frost to make them entirely irrelevant. If you have some, this is a great recipe for you. If you don't, this is also a great recipe. It tastes like early fall, it's beautiful and delicious. Since I try to be as veg/vegan as I can and Yoni loves a little meat now and again, the fact that it's vegan friendly with a meat option makes my husband happy. This is the same reason for the cilantro/basil substitution -- Yoni seems to be genetically predisposed to disliking cilantro and it's nice to have a little something green in there. The bread is from my all-time favorite bakery, Il Forno in the Bronx. I gained 3 pounds on the bag of bread I got there last time, but I had one loaf I froze. Even stale, it puts most other breads I've tried to shame. Yes, it's that good. It was the perfect accoutrements to the soup, making it kind of an American version of Zuppa di Pane, a Tuscan soup made with stale, crusty bread.

Bread, Corn, Onion and Green Tomato Chowder
4 medium sized green tomatoes, sliced in rounds or 1 medium can of tomatoes chopped
3 cups sweet corn (usually about 3 stalks, if it's fresh)
3 medium onions. Purple is pretty, but unnecessary
1/2 lbs greens. I used broccoli greens and rainbow chars, but whatever you have growing or available will do. Think lemony over bitter.
1 12 oz. bottle of pale ale
12 oz. apple juice or 1 1/2 cups apple sauce plus 2 tbsp maple syrup
12 oz. vegetable  or chicken broth
12 oz. water (if sauce juice is used)
Salt. Smoked paprika, tumric, and Thai chili paste to taste
Cilantro or Basil for a garnish
sausage (optional)

Add olive oil and a pinch of salt to the pan. Dice onions and add to hot oil. Sautee onions for 15 to 20 minutes on medium heat -- they should be browned and clear. Add other spices to taste -- about a half teaspoon a piece. To that, add the beer, broth and apple juice. Allow to simmer for 20-30 minutes. Add corn, tomatoes and greens. If you want it, add sausage at this point. Simmer for another 10 minutes. Pour over a few pieces of crusty bread. Garnish with molasses, basil or cilantro.