Yoni and I at Heartland Farm in Markham, VA. More pictures from that in my next post.

We're Having Pumpkins

for dinner!

We 're expecting* they'll be delicious.

Pumpkin stuffed with Roasted Pecans, Pinto Beans & Green Chili 

For all of the other people hoping for pumpkins this year, a perfect recipe. Yoni and I love this when we get back into town because the components either freeze or keep really well.
For tis recipe, you can use any kind of hollow, yellow/orange fleshed squash. I like Japanese Pumpkins for their sweetness or Delicata, because they're perfect for two servings and you can eat the skin.  It is inspired by a similar dish from Julia Blackbird where I always eat their similar dish or their chili rellenos.

A hollow squash
Feta Cheese or Queso Fresco
Fresh Corn
maple syrup, brown sugar or honey

1. Split squash in half, placing about 1 tsp of maple syrup in with a tablespoon water. Bake with til tender. 2. Meanwhile, warm beans and chili.  3. Crush about half a cup of roasted pecans and 4. press into the flesh  inside the cavity of the squash.  5. Fill with warmed beans -- be generous with beans. 6. Smother with green chili. 4. Top with fresh corn kernels and crumbled cheese.

for the best beans, follow the jump ...
In case you want to make your own ....

Refried Beans
Pinto Beans
(If you don't have time to make dry beans, you can use canned beans and start directions at number 5)

Refried beans are just about 10 times better when you make them yourself. 1. One day when you remember and have time, get out the biggest bowl you own, fill it 1/3 of the way with a large bag of pinto beans. 2. Cover with twice as much water and soak them while you run your errands. When you get back, 3. drain, rinse, place in a pot and cover beans with water again. 4. Place on stove and let simmer until beans are tender. 5. Once tender, leave some of the water. Meanwhile, 6. heat oil in a pan you can pour from, adding salt, cumin, cinnamon, smoked paprika and whatever else you want in your beans. 7. Wait til the oil is almost smoking and then pour on top of the beans. This is dangerous, so be careful, please. 8. Mash beans and if needed, repeat oil thing til they taste like you want them to. Store by the pint in ziplock freezer bags or tupperwear.

*This is NOT an announcement of pregnancy. (I'm counting on Liberty, Premal, Corban and Narae for that one. I promise to cook for you frequently when the time comes)  Just a very expectant cook looking forward to a delicious meal.