The other night, Dave and I were sitting up late, reflecting on how Summer had slipped through our fingers. Dave's crazy work schedule meant a lot of travel but not a single day of real family vacation.  The next day, my hardworking husband got word that his two main client contacts were going on vacation themselves as soon as Dave's group delivered their next report. It seemed like a sign, and within an hour we'd booked tickets and made plans for the whole family to spend two weeks road tripping through the Yucatan Peninsula. We spent the next week or so wondering how on earth we'd been so crazy, and I'll admit I felt more than my normal sense of pre-trip excitement when we hugged Charity goodbye at the airport. Now that we're here, we're feeling pretty happy about our fit of rash spontaneity.

Here's the thing about growing up in Northwest Denver, and then visiting Mexico for the very first time at age 33: it feels an awful lot like home. Home, plus idyllic beaches, Mayan ruins, Spanish Colonial charm, wild flamingos and the best ceviche of my life. I'm a little bit in love. 

We took the slow ferry to Isla Mujeres

I don't always love the beach, but this was pretty much perfect.

Hettie loves boat rides.
Especially this fast little boat we took to the lagoon at Rio Logartos
Where we saw SO many wild flamingos!
The kids liked this baby Chihuahua maybe even more than the wildlife. Her name is Mia.
Willa likes to linger over breakfast.
One of seven Colonial churches in Valladolid

Chichen Itza really is awesome.
Our hotel near the ruins was kind of amazing. Jackie O. and Princess Grace stayed here back in the 60's, and I kept expecting them to show up in the corridor. They never did, (but there was a peacock)...
One of many golden facades at Izamal.