It might be a wee understatement to say I haven't been quite myself recently. This move rocked me. I haven't known which way was up, and my body responded by mounting a revolt. My limbs were icicles, even though the weather's balmy. My brain was a mushball, no matter that I was feeding it a steady stream of fantastic writing. Meanwhile my tear ducts were in overdrive. And my heart, gosh, that little bugger has been a tempestuous prisoner if there ever was one. Ferociously slamming against the inside of my chest, and trying to crawl up my throat when I'm trying to sleep. But graciously, miraculously, a couple of days with Premal in my Dad's hometown have brought order to my carnal temple. For weeks I tried to exercise, shop, eat, talk, work, meditate and hibernate my stress away, all to no avail. But there's got to be something in that mountain air, because suddenly, finally, I feel like myself again. And it is so, so good to be back.

Altogether far too many pictures after the jump...


^^^travel tip: have awesome physicist relatives that let you crash with them on their brainy retreat^^^


^^^mountain street-fruit is somehow simultaneously more and less exciting than its city-slicker cousins^^^


^^^Premal taking the lyrics "climb every mountain" a bit literally^^^