Mercina has a special knack for making everything around her lovely. If you doubt me--or would simply like to look at a lot of pretty things--just browse through her posts. They offer a disgustingly accurate window into the world of magic she creates. We, the players in her land of dreams, tend to vacillate between modes of deep feeling, either of gratitude for sharing her gift with us, or inadequacy over our inability to pass muster.  

So it was with some apprehension that Glorianna, Charity and I endeavored to arrange a sweet little send off worthy of miz. Mia Grace. Our inspiration was simple. Two beloved films, Harry Potter and (Sofia Coppola's)Marie Antoinette. Combined they make Harie Antoinette, a hedonistic celebration of opulence and magic (but mostly mass consumption of pastel-colored candy and movies). My sparsely furnished apartment provided a perfect pallet for a grown up slumber party, with homemade butter-beer for sipping, and delectable lil' cakelettes for snacking. We rallied our creative forces to whip of some snazzy garlands, and laid a lush carpet of faux fur. Then we dolled ourselves up and danced around for no one's gratification other than our own.  Most of us had snoozed off by the time Harry discovered what lay hidden beneath the trapdoor on the third-floor of Hogwarts, but that seemed somehow appropriate for the evening. It was a night like so many others we've shared, which was exactly what we had hoped it would be. It's terrible saying goodbye to someone you love so dearly. It will be nearly six-months before we get to hear her voice again, and then a year more before she returns from her mission and we learn how she, and we, have changed in the interim. But in the meantime I'm grateful that we were able to pull off a fette worthy of the Queen of Aesthetics herself, and bolster us all with one more memory to treasure during the cold Canadian winter ahead.

We love you Mercina Grace! Be safe, and kind, and know how adored you are!