Everyone is weird. Embracing it is what makes the world worth living in. Speaking of weird,

Blue Trees

 by art

ist Konstantin Dimopoulos in Sacramento.

Too fat. Too sick. Too skinny. Too loud. Too quiet. Too shy. Too friendly. Too much. Too little. We all are too something and I know that I've spent to much of my life wondering why. The day I decided to own whatever host of my eccentricities were bugging me that day, life became a significantly happier place. For years I tried to hide the fact that I was really sick. Really, really sick. But when I realized it was a part of my life, it wasn't going away and hiding it wasn't making my life happier or easier, everything was simplified. When I wasn't afraid of falling in love and showing interest, I fell in love with Yoni, who's just about the best thing since ... well ... since I don't know what, but it's pretty good. We're given our quirks for a reason. That quirk might be that we're totally normal. That we're not foodies. That we're not into fashion. And it's ok. Just own it. And don't judge others when they do the same. And don't judge me if this sounds preachy. It's not intended to. I'm just sleepy.