Last month we expended herculean efforts while wrangling the troupes to take a family picture. With 23 bodies to organize - and at least as many schedules - finding a time and place to gather was darn near impossible (please see the gory 75-long gmail message thread for evidence). In the end, everyone was able to make it except for Dave (who was whisked away on a last minute assignment in NYC), and little Thomas (who was needed at the opening of his preschool art installation). 

And in my humble opinion, the heartaches and headaches were totally worthwhile. We'll wait until Christmas to subject everyone to the finished product, but - until then - here are some of my favorite outtakes from the afternoon. 

Huge props, hugs, and kisses to Tom who was coerced into taking the pictures after we were unable to secure a professional photographer for the golden 45 minute window of opportunity. (Apparently this studly rocket scientist is also capable of corralling 21 of the most opinionated people I've ever had the pleasure of knowing). Huzzah!