The other week, Yoni and I attended my sister in law's graduation. We meandered our way through the Hudson Valley, which looks like a StyleMePretty dream come true. Old barns, dilapidated grand mansions and a river rolling between.  Brooklyn has become so expensive, we mused the next hipster bastions would be America's small towns. With Etsy and the internet, you don't need a store so much as a space to showcase you passion. So why not go to a place where you can get a gorgeous old house on acres of land? 

And then we arrived in Hudson, NY and realized it was already happening. The fedoras are already on the move.
If you stop in, check out these places: TruckPizza and the whole gang of food trucks; Cafe Le Perch which supposedly has the best baguette in America. We missed it since they're closed Mondays; Rural Residence; Good Musica, a beautiful little music store right off of the main strip; Tanzy's is a sweet little diner with really good food; The Union Street Guest House is where we stayed. A pair of brothers who were set designers are behind this B&B. Word around town is it has a secret bar in it. I have a hunch it's on the second floor of the main building. Since I don't drink, this wasn't a huge draw. But the decor is exquisite and they have awesome dogs.