As we assemble all of the lovely things we've collected into a cohesive space, it makes a little flat feel a lot like ahome. Flowers on our coffee table; the poles from our chuppah which we're going to making into a bed; a piece of art we bought here along with a second hand directors chair I got here; our favorite craigslist find.

For some time, I have wanted to buy a house. At times, the urge has felt rather desperate. I have seen properties all over the area. We put in an bid earlier this year, only to be beat out by an all cash offer that was more than 100k over the asking price. For a while now, I've had a not so secret crush on a house that I know is a hot mess. It's old and very run down. And while Kimber's home is beautiful, her adventures in home renovation have left me wary of moving anywhere that has more than cosmetic challenges.

But while I continue to search, I actually kind of love mine and Yoni's little house... and by house, I mean apartment. There's gobs of light, lots of storage space and just enough room that me and Yoni don't get in one another's way. It's kind of nice that if there's a problem, I can call the landlord. Since we travel a lot, it's good to know there's someone other than me who has a vested interest in keeping my place safe. And while it's somewhat painful to think of the money we could be investing in a mortgage instead of rent, not owning has seriously simplified my life.

I have a feeling that if Yoni and I want to buy in this market, we have to move before the year's end. Prices have been on a steady march up and soon, we'll be priced out altogether. But for now, I'm pretty happy with apartment life.

Speaking of simple... Try this.

1 cup plain yogurt (I like it with at least 1 to 2% milk fat
Goat yogurt is my favorite right now, but use what you like)
1/2 cup blueberries
1/4 cup hazelnuts, roasted and crushed
1/4 cup rolled oats
1 tsbp pure maple syrup

Try these out too: strawberries, almonds, puffed rice and honey; cashews, coconut, quinoa and agave; pistachios, bananas, macadamia nuts and kashi; raspberries, lemon curd, almonds and oats.  

I've been in a hole, so when I wrote this initially, I hadn't realized the extent of the damage done by the tornados in Oklahoma. You can help. Click here to donate to the Red Cross. Many churches have some sort of humanitarian aid fund. If you would like, you can ask that your contribution sunday be directed to those hit by the storm. Whatever you can or can't give, we hope our brothers and sisters in Oklahoma know our thoughts and prayers are with them. Home can be in a shelter, in a cellar or a tent, so long as love is there. <3