I love spending time with my brothers. In many ways, "guy time" is my natural habitat. Growing up I was much more likely to be found throwing dirt clots, fighting with sticks, or catching a veritable menagerie of creepy-crawly things than playing with dolls. I wanted to be a webelo, and could tie a bowline faster than all the boys.

And unlike poor Anybodys (the tomboy who desperately wanted to belong) from West Side Story, my brothers never told me to scram. If I was too small to scramble up whatever rock-face we planned to summit that day, Corban was always there to offer a boost and Levi would catch my arms and pull me to safety. 

Well, it seems I'm still at it. I spent Saturday with Shiloh, Levi and Corban and some of our friends fishing. We told bawdy jokes, performed immature pranks, talked about the future, and enjoyed each others company (oh, and caught some huge fish too). Afterward we all headed to Levi's house to cook the day's catch. As we grow, and marry, and move, and do all these adult world things, it's nice to see that things don't really change, they just evolve.

^^^look at those cute ol' brothers!^^^

^^^look at those cute ol' brothers!^^^

^^^sometimes it takes a village to catch a fish. thanks for the help Carter!^^^

In other news... I got a pretty drastic haircut (like 16 inches whacked off). I felt ridiculous devoting an entire post to it, but there's a picture after the jump for any interested parties...

^^^my new favorite activity is shaking my head like a soggy dog^^^