Perfume. I want some.

I think that I'm looking for something not too flowery or sweet, but pleasant smelling none the less. I'm not sure whether I want something deep and cozy or fresh and bright (my research has informed me that these are appropriate words with which to describe nasal phenomena), but I'm thinking something in either of those ranges. Apparently, I have no shortage of options.

For the time being, I'm carless and lazy, so my research has been relegated to the webisphere. But I want to get to the. . . perfume store(?) over Spring Break. Here are the type of scents I've found intriguing thus far.

(Note: Yes, there is a pattern of inelegant exactness in the below perfumes' titles; internet fragrance research favors the explicitly named)

These next four all fall into the category of 'Things I Rarely Ever Smell Like":

    Je Reviens Worth

And these are in the "Generally Splendid Smells" category:

So what do you smell like? . . . I'm not sure if that question could be much creepier.

Taking into account the context of this post, what do you smell like? (Still creepy.)

Do you have any suggestions for scents I should try once I get my lazy bum to the perfumery?