Yoni and I have a new tradition. Instead of getting one another gifts that we may or may not like, we get something we both want. For Valentine's day, we got a tandem bike. It's something we've wanted for a long time but seemed too expensive to get on a whim. The place we got it is in this tiny town in Maryland. They have over 2500 bikes and one of the biggest collections of tandems in the country. Ours id a fully restored, All-American 1970 Schwinn. It looks like something out of a print media campaign and rides like a dream. Today we took our first, real ride.

Me and my Eternal Man Friend at the Lincoln Memorial; Washington Monument; Yoni with the US Capitol; The Smithsonial; Also... Since I ride in the back, I can take pictures and bike, text and bike, take selfies on the bike... I feel like such a bad citizen, but it's kind of fun; The National Gallery; Then the guys of The Delta Routine asked us for directions to a bar. Since we weren't very helpful, we let them check out our rad ride instead... Actually, I asked them to because I thought it would make a cute picture.. then i didn't look cute... onto other things .... ; Out various modes of transportation. 

As the pictures indicate, we had a pretty good time...