HI! So, after reading 

Glorianna's magnificent post


Warby Parker

, I vowed to get a pair for myself one day. I wanted to take part in this miraculous philanthropic venture of love, hope, giving, grace, miracle. happiness, goodness, delight, and love (again), magnanimity and wisdom. And also peace for our children and the Africa.

I recognize that this is totally indulgent (and that, apparently, I'm incapable of looking anything other than startled when a camera flashes)....Also, all the glasses kiiind of look the same.

Anyway, which ones do you like best? I'm leaning towards those roundy ones in the middle (that's why I put them in the middle). I'm actually reeeeaaalllly blind, so I appreciate that the frames are so big. And they're friendly-ish, which I like. What do you think?  Have you ever used Warby Parker or bought glasses online?

P.S. Warby Parker has really good taste in names. I would totally name future babies after any of these specs!