A few weeks ago, our clan descended on the Capitol for the presentation of the Lantos Human Rights Prize. It's a really lovely occasion where we remember our incredible grandfather by honoring others who dedicate their lives to the things he believed in. (Human rights is such a wonderful cause, we thought it made more sense to celebrate that than to give people a medal for loving fluffy white puppies... But that would also have been a fitting tribute).

I had planned to leave Hettie with the babysitter, but Momo called to let me know that this year's honoree, Chinese activist Chen Guangcheng, was bringing along his two young children, and she thought Hettie might like to meet them. I'm so glad she came. She was a charming little hostess to Kerui and Kesi, and behaved so well during the lengthy speeches. Afterwards, she reflected, "We're lucky to live in America, because it's my favorite place, and Daddy gets to be a lawyer AND wear shoes." A week or two later, when we were wandering through the Ai Weiwei exhibit at the Hirshhorn, she said "This reminds me of the blind man who taught us to help everyone, even when it's hard." I couldn't have summed up the morning more succinctly myself. I think Didi would be proud.
I will always treasure these brief months when the three of us live within a few blocks of each other!! Didi surely smiled down on us as we carpooled for the five minute drive up East Capitol Street -- especially because we had a man at the wheel! (Thanks, Yoni!)
Left to right: Richard Gere; Mimo; Momo; Congressman Jim McGovern; Congressman Chris Smith; Auntie Katrina; Chen Guangcheng; Yuan Weijing; a lovely translator lady; our big brother, Tomicah; Senator Kelly Ayotte
Hugs for everyone!!
Momo showing off her priorities after the ceremony: Forget the foxy movie star and the senator! Hettie NEEDS her!!
*From Chen Guangcheng's speech