Last night we rang in the Lunar New Year at our brother's house. We welcomed the Year of the Snake with dumplings, sweet melon tea and lots of good company. 

According to legend, Snakes are introspective, refined and rational -- which made me laugh, because we certainly don't have any of them at our house! I'm a Monkey, which means I'm talkative, eccentric and like new things. Which, I'm slightly embarrassed to admit, is pretty accurate....

Keep reading for a rundown on the other signs of the Chinese Zodiac. Does yours ring true?

DRAGON (2012, Willa)
Hot-headed, confident and ambitious, Dragons are also resourceful, valiant and enthusiastic. Dragons make good politicians and lawyers, and include the likes of Joan of Arc and Sigmund Freud.

RABBIT (2011, Liberty)
Rabbits are sweet, optimistic romantics who enjoy life to the fullest. They can be judgmental and snobby, but very faithful to friends and lovers. They make good designers and diplomats, or could follow in the footsteps of Henry V, Confucius or Einstein.

TIGER (2010, Phineas)
Tigers are sensitive, emotional and loving. They're fiercely competitive and eager to face challenges -- which might explain why Tigers, including Marilyn Monroe and Marco Polo, are inclined to pursue careers as race car drivers and matadors. Hmmmmm.

OX (2009)
Methodical, conservative and hard working, Oxen are born leaders (like Walt Disney and Richard Nixon). They can also be sulky, volatile and narrow-minded -- but in a good way, because they're very popular. Oxen excel at banking, real estate and farming.

RAT (2008, Hettie)
Charismatic, witty and smart, popular Rats make good broadcasters and entrepreneurs. Rats include Shakespeare, George Washington, and Gene Kelly -- who, on a bad day, apparently trend devious, exploitative, and greedy.

PIG (2007, Charity)
Sincere, friendly and diligent, Pigs supposedly make good "students" (is that a career?) and butchers (ironic much?). Sadly, Pigs are also lazy, materialistic and pigheaded -- like Arnold Schwarzenegger, (but also Fred Astaire and Ernest Hemingway).

DOG (2006, Glorianna)
Dogs are resourceful, resilient and reliable. They can also be nosy and anxious, and though the ranks of the Dogs include Ben Franklin and Liza Minnelli, they're better suited for careers as secret agents and clerics.

ROOSTER (2005)
Passionate and patriotic, Roosters are dreamers and extroverts. Bossy, aggressive impatient, they're born for the stage, like Dolly Parton, Eric Clapton and Katherine Hepburn.

MONKEY (2004, Kimber & Mercina)
Superficial and mischievous, Monkeys are magnetic but socially divisive -- those who aren't put off by their sly impudence love their wit and imagination. Monkeys are too restless for most traditional 9-5 jobs, but thrive as air traffic controllers and day traders.

SHEEP (2003)
Sensitive, artistic and kind, Sheep are charming company. They can be fussy and dependent, so Sheep do better when surrounded by other well-mannered people. They make good florists and cartographers, or could follow in the footsteps of Jane Austen or Lawrence Olivier.

HORSE (2002)
I'm married to a horse, so you don't have to tell me they're hard-working, hilarious and intelligent. And I would never say they're impatient or stubborn -- but others might. 

This little hole-in-the-Web has all sorts of funny, detailed predictions of what the Year of the Snake will bring to you!