There’s something so deliciously naughty about a lunch date.

For me, it beats the pants off a fancy dinner any day. If you doubt me, just try it. Sneak off for an hour or so with your someone special. The food doesn’t matter as much as you might think, the company will be fantastic, and the knowledge that your colleagues are stuck shackled to spreadsheets and scenarios is…quite satisfying.

That said, I think the culture surrounding the midday meal needs reform. Lunch is underappreciated. Often swallowed down at one’s desk, with little attention paid to flavor let alone freshness or quality. Sharing a meal with pleasant company provides a real respite from the hubbub of corporate America. I know when I've had a happy meal, I'm a happier worker. Staying late at work isn't as taxing, and I'm more patient with those around me. A (reasonably) leisurely lunch provides a chance to recharge so you can charge ahead.

It's restaurant week in DC, and Premal whisked me off to our very favorite Indian restaurant this afternoon for three-courses of crazy deliciousness. It was so good that he took an order to go for his folks who are getting back from two weeks in India this afternoon!