-Vincent van Gogh

A few days ago, after a particularly impassioned kitchen floor art session, Hettie led me on a guided tour of her highly abstract masterpiece -- pointing out which blob is a bridge, and where the river changes from calm to treacherous. I smiled and nodded and offered the perfunctory "it's beautiful." She beamed back her response with matter-of-fact pride: "I know -- I think I'm like Vincent van Gogh."

<bemused snort>

I'm gonna say Hettie's self-esteem is ...great.

Perhaps all those tortured, whiny, clandestine Cheerio-fueled trips to the Smithsonian weren't for naught! But, I can't help but think she should play to her strengths and consider art history rather than applied art.

Bless her sweet heart. 

Hettie's latest triumph

a watercolor by Phineas