The flu has come to every town USA. Usually, this means being sick... which isn't fun. But when you're immune system is suppressed and you happen to be a transplantee, the risks are much much MUCH more severe. Thus, I've become something of an expert on avoiding germs. While I still get sick, I'm getting better at avoiding it. So here are my top five tips for avoiding the flu or stopping its spread if you happen to have or get it.

Misery and germs love nothing more than human company. So sit down with a good book. Do some journaling. Read some poetry. These beauties belong to my friend Jay Walker who's a big book collector. They're encrusted with gold, lacquer, rubies, diamonds and other crazy stuff. I love this one which is  just a bit cheaper :) 

5. Be Anti Social. This is the perfect time of year to catch up on correspondence, old tv shows, blog posts, etc. Call an old friend. Try out some new recipes. Start spring cleaning early. Home is where the heart is and where you're safest from germs.

4. Stay Hydrated. When you don't have enough fluids in your system, you're more susceptible to bugs. So pour yourself a giant mug of peppermint tea (I also LOVE Good Earth Original Herbal Tea. SO good!) and then another mug, and then another mug. It's good fort he body, mind and soul.

Apple cider and mint hot chocolate. Yum!

3. Keep It Fresh! Despite common belief, there are plenty of veggies that grow in the wintertime. Citrus is in season. So is kale, cauliflower, broccoli, kohlrabi, and a lot of those super healthy leafy greens. So eat up! All of those nutrients will help your system and look at the links for some great recipes.

Not only are winter veggies incredibly high in anti oxidants, they are gorgeous and delicious!
2. Make like the Japanese, US Presidents or any number of other folks and bow. Ok. You don't have to bow. But hands are super dirty. So wave, do air kisses, try an Obama bump, do something but PLEASE don't shake hands. They are very useful, but they are absolutely filthy.

1. Speaking of hands, WASH THEM ... and try not to touch your face with them. This is probably the easiest and best way to avoid the spread of germs. Cover your coughs count dracula style. If you're traveling, don't grab for the sky mall and the pockets in front of you. Keep your hands to yourself and  wash them frequently.

Sometimes you'll still get sick. I just got back from the hospital but the good new is, it wasn't the flu and so far (crossing my fingers) everything looks like it's going to be ok. But these tips have helped me get through tons of travel, events and interactions unscathed by germs.

What are your tips for staying healthy?