Premal and I sneaked away to Florida for a quick 24 hours over the weekend. Rohan, my brother in-law, is in his first year of medical school near Tampa, and we wanted to be there to cheer him on at his white coat ceremony (the allure of a brief escape from the frigid north we call home had nothing to do with our decision).

The trip was short, but we packed it to capacity. There was the ceremony, a trip to the beach and an art fair, walks around Tampa and Sarasota, we caught some live music, watched the sunset (and rise) over the ocean, and of course, a lot of great food. Oh! I almost forgot that we even managed to squeeze in a couple of overs at a pick-up cricket match. Dreamy.

In fact it was so dreamy that I was hit by a sfit of inspiration during my time in the sun. And so, I give you, my

TOP 5 Vitamin D Binge Induced 
(perhaps obvious, but seemed groundbreaking at the moment) 

1) Cricket is my kind of sportPremal looks preeeeeeeetty fine when he bowls, and they have tea breaks, and Americans think I'm fancy when I know stuff about the sport. WIN.

2) All of the stereotypes regarding retirees in Florida are 100% true. Never before have I seen so many saucy septuagenarians

3) My brother in-law has never had a sister, so I get to spend all my time with him making up for his 23-years of sad sisterless-ness. So much unsolicited advice regarding fashion/girls, so little time!

4) Trips to warmer climates in the dead of winter are amazing.

5) 24-hours is totally enough time for a micro-vacation, so if you're hankering for one, just go for it!