I usually perform on big stages or in concert halls but this week I had a very special performance for a little family that reminded me a lot of my own. M. developed Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension as a baby and doctors gave her no chance to live. But it's always fun to show people that miracles are where ever we will look for them and M. is a very clear reminder of that. Her mom, her twin and little sister are as amazing with M. as my mom and sisters are with me. They are total rock stars. So we had a little impromptu performance in their living room to say thank you for being so amazing.

I know in my life, I have lots of people caring for me in little and big ways. Mr. One has helped me (and the entire TD clan) with all of the paperwork I hate for years. Dr. P often serves as my personal medical researcher. My husband is whatever I ask him to be. My siblings at any given time have unofficially served as editors, fashion consultants, drivers, therapists, nurses, maids, cooks, and baby sitters. My mother has made keeping me alive her top and occasionally only priority since that life seemed to be in jeopardy. I know that my experience with illness has changed the dynamic and the cadence of our family life a great deal. There can be guilt and resentment that very naturally flow from these things. But I am so deeply grateful that despite everything my family has not only remained close through these challenges; we've become closer. 

If you've ever been a care taker, had a sibling or a parent or a family member who suffers with physical, mental or emotional challenges or illness, please know we really appreciate you. Your patience, your work, your care and effort. We know we wouldn't be the same (or alive) without you and we know we're not always the best at showing appreciation for all that you do. Sometimes it gets annoying to have to be appreciative for things one would never ask for and never want. But we see what you do for us. We love you. We are sorry you don't always receive the laurels and praise you deserve because you are the super heros. You wear all sorts of masks: from sibling to demanding relative to friend, but you save lives. Your prize is knowing that someone woke up, someone got out of bed and someone lived a better life because of you. But make no mistake of it: in our lives, you are the rescuer. You wear the cape. And for that, you deserve more than a little thanks.

With much love and appreciation,