The farm where Nicole's family lives
This week I am reminded of the Everett Theory or the Many Worlds Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics -- the theory that the universe is really a superposition of coherent states yielding infinitely divergent yet parallel quantum states. Why specifically this week and not every week you ask, in total disbelief? Well I happened to attend the beautiful wedding ceremony for one of my best friends growing up, Nicole.  And I will let you be the judge of the appropriateness of this analogy. The two of us were born the same year, the same month, the same day in the same hospital and were placed adjacent beds in the general nursery after being born within the same hour.  We grew up in Denver, both home schooled, both uniquely different from others but finding great comfort and common ground in our differentness that enhanced our togetherness. And from this coherence began eerily parallel divergence. Nicole (and her lovely family) moved to Nashville, while I moved to Washington DC. Nicole would later begin dating JL, a creative and big-hearted musician while I would begin dating Dr P, at about the same time. In June of this year, I married Dr P, the love of my life. And a few weeks ago, Nicole glowed with pure radiance as she became Mrs. JL in charming Nashville. 

I hope that the analogy ends here and that the reality of our states isn't permanently altered because you are observing it by seeing these lovely photographs, as the theory would imply. 

Wonderful old friends
Evidently the Parthenon is in Nashville
The Vanderbilt campus 
Crema, a fantastically hip coffee shop
If squash had faces

A Confession:

Those of you familiar with this blog may have noticed a slight difference in the tone of this piece. This is, unfortunately, not due to my sudden wealth of knowledge in the realm of scientific theory, but rather the result of an extremely eager Dr. P. You see, last night we had conflicting plans. He had visions of a mid-week milkshake date followed by snuggling and Boardwalk Empire, but I was determined to finish my blog post before the fun ensued. Problem solver that he is, Dr. P took charge of it all, and composed the--rather charming, though not completely based on reality--post above. And pop-tarts, milkshakes and a grand old time were had by all.