I'm just back from an impromptu long weekend in a special kind of heaven -- the sort of place where the company and surroundings are both so spectacular that you just get lost in a series of moments and forget to take a single picture. So I borrowed this one from Wikipedia :-)

We tromped through the first snow of the season, marveled at an enormous herd of elk, saw a poacher (!), made an illegal u-turn to get a better view of three gangly lady moose, gave up counting stars when we reached "a bazillion," walked into an antique shop and ended up sharing a bowl of homemade gumbo with the owner using silver spoons from 1897 that he borrowed from their box on the store shelf, got a speeding ticket, kept a fire burning for three days straight, baked pumpkin muffins, and shared it all with dear, dear friends who make marvelous things even more perfect.