Remembering the good times carries us through the bad.

Something about summers sun with the kiss of autumn makes September a prime season for remembering.

On September 10th, 2001 I opened the windows before I got into bed. The air felt so wonderful. I was going into my senior year and Regis University and while life wasn't exactly what I had expected it to be, it was good. The news was boring. I felt that even with my imperfections, my prospects upon graduation were excellent. I had returned from a wonderful summer abroad. It was one of those precious moments when everything in the world seemed as it should be -- at least in my little life.

The next morning was a very different story. But more than vigilance, more than fear, more than patriotism, that dichotomy taught me gratitude. There will be moments in our lives where everything seems good. Savor them. Stop and acknowledge the beauty and the goodness around you. When darkness seems to envelope everything of value in life, I cling to those moments; that laughter; the experience of love and I know that somehow, the next time one of those moments come, it will be even more remarkable. Because I'll be better able to appreciate the wonder of peace.