Last week I arrived in Houston for my summer internship with the emergency preparedness and epidemiology division of the department of health here. I never, ever thought I would type those words because I *never* thought I'd spend time in Texas.
ESPECIALLY summertime. 
But here I am! 
Fortunately, Astro Boy is also here and he has done a marvelous job convincing me that Texas does in fact have its charms. He even got me to take the picture below (it took some coercing, but there is photographic evidence!). 
After a particularly looong first week of work (just to get an idea, I worked from 8am to 10pm on Friday and went into work at 6:45am on Saturday...), Astro Boy planned a delightful adventure. 
We started at a massive produce village--which was amazing! It went on and on and on and on.
Then we went to a nifty vintage shop, a gourmet grocer, a deliciously hipster vegetarian joint, and--finally--a parking lot filled with giant, 18 foot tall busts of every. single. American. president. ever.
There were 42 of them. 
It was weird. 
But also kind of incredible.
And, all in all, a super smashing success.