Ever since I got engaged a couple of weeks ago, I keep having moments where I need to stop to catch my breath and think "wow, this is really happening." I've had them while shopping for bridal saris, while packing up our room, and while it might be generous to call a whole day a "moment" I definitely had one while watching Dr. P graduate from medical school. I've mentioned before that we started dating during his first couple of weeks at Georgetown, which means that this is the only Dr. P I've really known.The dedicated student, studying until the early morning only to wake up a couple of hours later to get to the hospital in time to prepare for morning rounds. For us, years still seem to run with the academic cycle, and months seemed irrelevant when compared to the 6-week "rotations" of specialty-based study.  We knew what the immediate--and even mid-term--future had to bring, and longer-term goals where more than slightly out of our control. 

But now, that "longer-term" and its minions "the changes" have arrived. We found out in March that we'll remain in D.C. for one year before moving to Denver next June. But we still have to move, and the boxes don't pack themselves, and suddenly the house that's driven me crazy for the last two years doesn't look so bad. And the dear friends that we've made over the past four years have already started to disperse. And each new goodbye feels more permanent than the last. And I stop.And catch my breath.

So on it goes, and the changes keep piling up. In many ways I am more terrified than I've ever been in my life, but then I catch that breath, and a deep peace follows. And I know that the future, and these changes, are going to be awesome.